Everyday simple lightweight baby carrier,
expectant mothers spine protection.

You wear straight from the burden of everyday life? Hip Babaco® seating with one hand to do certain tasks,
and when the child without you proof! Protect your spine! There is also a great gift idea!

The Babaco® hip-seat use is quick and easy!
Can be used anywhere in a safe, healthy and comfortable
Walks, shopping, work at home
Recommended by pediatricians and nurses!

What's BabaCo?

The light Babaco® baby carrier is a solution in everyday life to protect mother's spine and shoulder joints

If it is  troublesome, difficult for you carrying your baby or your toddler, if you are not satisfied with the kangaroo, or you dislike shwals, the Babaco® hipseat is for you. With the hipseat weight bearing suddenly becomes easy. The innovative carrying system is handy, easy to use and designed to protect the spine. It prevents lower back and other joint pain caused by poor posture while it helps your child to develop a healthy spine.

Do you want your child to develop a healthy spine while you prevent your lower back pain?
Do good for both of you!

The Babaco® hipseat is a safe, healthy and comfortable baby carrier, which is designed to protect mother's spine.

Babaco3It is not equipped with a lot of buckles, studs and strings, and it does not require help to put it on. It doesn't hang on you and people do not look at you contemptuously at the playground when you put it on. It is available in six fashionable colors, and attached to the waist. It makes even your simpliest dress look trendy. You can contribute to your own and your toddler's health, as with Babaco ® hipseat you prevent lower back and joint pain while your child is developing a healthy spine. Carrying becomes effortless, one of your hands becomes free, your spine remains straight since you don't have to strain yourself to bear your 20-kilogram child.

The Babaco® hipseat may be used in two kinds of laying position up to 6 moths old and in six different sitting postures from six months up to 4 years of age. The hipseat only weights 25 ounces. It comes in fashionable colors and its cover is washable.

The spine protector hipseat can be used anywhere: at home, during walk, at hike, at the playground, at the doctor's, and any time when you hold your child in your arms.

It is recommended by nurses and pediatricians - and by many satisfied mothers whose life became easier by the hipseat.

Babaco® hipseat is creating fashion.




The Babaco hipseat use is fast and easy. It can be put on or taken off by a simple movement.

Adjust the Babaco hipseat to your waist, close the Velcro and the buckle.Turn it to the side or forward. Place your baby or toddler on top of it facing you or with its back to you. Always keep a hand on it. The wild stripe makes it comfortable.

It can be used in two kinds of laying position up to 6 moths old

and 6 types of sitting postures are possible from 6 months up to 4 years old.

Suggested for walking, shopping, at the pediatrician's, hiking, house hold duties , breast feeding and any time when you hold your child in your arms.



The parameters of the product:

This product is available in different colors and denim material.

Maximum load capacity of 20-25 kg.

 2-year warranty is provided uniquely to this product!

Valid for any defect, which is not a result of external damage.
Also for zippers, straps, buckles and splitting of material.

Waist size: 110 cm in diameter (we also undertake the production of any size within 2 weeks
with a surcharge of 10%)

Weight: 25 ounces!

Cleaning is easy and fast., Use damp cloth.
Staining: besides the internal parts under the zipper the cover can be washed in  lukewarm water
or can be machine washed at 30 degrees. chemicals should not be used. Do not iron.