Everyday simple lightweight baby carrier,
expectant mothers spine protection.

You wear straight from the burden of everyday life? Hip Babaco® seating with one hand to do certain tasks,
and when the child without you proof! Protect your spine! There is also a great gift idea!

The Babaco® hip-seat use is quick and easy!
Can be used anywhere in a safe, healthy and comfortable
Walks, shopping, work at home
Recommended by pediatricians and nurses!

Why should I Babaco?

babaco gerincDo you bear your everyday's "sweet burden" with a straight spine?

Those who have tried it, could feel how much easier it is holding your child as it sits on the hipseat instead of their hips. So you can stand sraight you don't have to keep on throwing the baby when it slides down a little bit - you provide it a relaxed  sitting position.

So why is Babaco® good?

Because your child develops a healthy spine.
Because you do not get tired by the end of the day carrying your child..
Because you will not have lower back and other joint pain.
Because it is perfect for both of you and the whole family.
Because it gives special help to those who have more children.

We will help you with Babaco hipseat to solve all the tasks single handedly while you can keep your child close to you. Protect your spine, lower back and shoulder joints!
This product has been preceded by a lot of experiments and technological developement. The result is a comfortable weight distribution on the back and spinal muscles, which is a relief.



When is Babaco convinient?

At home, walking, shopping, trekking, at pediatrician's,

every time you hold your baby. We recommend it at places where you do not want to or can not go with a baby stroller.


How long can you use Babaco?

up to 6 months of age - two kinds of lying position
from 6 months - six seated postures

There are few items  which can be used by children for such a long period of time
up to 4 years of age as its load-bearing capacity is 20-25 kg.

Recommended by pediatricians and nurses.